A Vulnerable Population

In Uganda, their supply chain has been cut off. Meanwhile, misinformation is widespread, health workers are struggling to lead in response in these areas largely due to low access of information, technology, and training.


KIHEFO was founded as an attempt to fight systemic corruption in the medical system so that care could be provided to low-income or non-paying patients.


An educated community, free of poverty, related communicable diseases with adequate and sustainable income at household level.


To fight disease, poverty and ignorance in an integrated and sustainable approach.

Why tele-education?

A cross cultural tele-education will educate the population and stop wide-spread fear. When paired with community based curriculum led by local experts, it will enable exponential growth and opportunities for local healthcare workers. Once the frame work is built, the program will become self-sustainable.

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Why us?

KIHEFO/MN engages in dynamic conversations regarding barriers to care and knowledge on both systemic and local levels as we work to bridge intercultural communication and gaps across the continents.

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Our partners

Leave a lasting impact with your contribution.

We will...

  • Update a facility that will serve as a hub for internet connection and research facility for KIEHFO and other university partners in Uganda.
  • Provide Online curriculum for low income countries that is scalable and reusable on a larger global scale.
  • Provide the opportunity for continued learning and engagement with university students in the US.

We can provide...

  • PPE
  • Jobs
  • Education
  • Safe facility
  • Access to internet

Fundraising Needs Break-down

KIHEFO Project Timeline